I like to bust stigmas around marriage, menopause, marijuana and motherhood.

A chat about body image and special guest appearance by Bat Girl!

Is it ironic to talk about body issues while you eat your kids Halloween candy? We don’t really care – we’re doing it anyway!

We apologize for earlier technical difficulties due to blondes being thwarted by technology and too much wine but we’re back up now!

Now that Halloween is over, we’re sitting back with a glass of wine and eating my kid’s candy while we chat about how much sugar is coursing through our bodies! Monica gets on her soapbox about the power of Kefir – the good, the gross and the recipes. Turns out her Mom has a contraband-Kefir stash if anyone’s interested? But the burning question is… did she go as a slutty Rubik’s cube or did she choose the Margarita from last week’s Halloween challenge?

And back to body issues. It’s hard enough loving your body but how do you make sure you don’t pass your issues and your fears on to your kids? It ain’t easy and Jacq shares her martyr story about her fear of spiders and her encounter with a Tarantula and a Boa constrictor – all while keeping a brave face in front of her daughter. We both talk about our body issues from 20 years ago – have they changed? We view beauty differently now that we’ve applied age and wisdom to the idea of what it means to be truly beautiful but self-acceptance is a long road!

Just as we’re wrapping, we have a special guest appearance by Bat Girl herself! She shares the differences between Elsa and Anna and sings a very special song!

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Jacq is holier than thou with kale

But before we get to the wine – we have to absorb the powers of kale! Very important when you’re podcasting!!

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Moni, the Queen of Kale





Ahh, the joys of Kefir! 

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Monica’s Kefir cocktail

Enjoy some Kefir with these delicious (gag) recipes from Monica!

Here’s why should you buy some contraband Kefir from Monica’s mom?

And if you don’t trust Monica’s Mom’s stash – you can make your own!


For those of you wondering – Monica chose the Margarita! She’s a bit of a
chicken so I knew she wouldn’t take the Rubik’s cube challenge. Here it is! Ripped off from the internet and claimed as her own!

'Monica's' Candy Corn Margarita
‘Monica’s’ Candy Corn Margarita

Candy Corn Margarita


(really difficult) Directions

In a pitcher combine all ingredients.

Chill and serve on a plate filled with Candy Corn.

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